Easy Options to Purchase the Treadmill

A treadmill for the home or a professional treadmill for the gym is the best way to avoid crowds, crazy dogs and, finally, a great way to save your time. A treadmill is especially necessary for people who cannot live without a morning run and do not depend on bad weather on the street, as well as people undergoing rehabilitation. People who are novice can purchase a treadmill under 500  USD and kick it.

The comfort and safety of running largely depends on the depreciation system of the canvas, its size. Treadmills are divided into two main types:

Mechanical or magnetic treadmills

Mechanical or magnetic treadmills, this is a whole class of cardiovascular equipment, where the belt is set in motion by the efforts of the athlete himself, and the load level is changed using the magnetic field acting on the flywheel. Due to the lack of an electric motor during operation, the simulator is very quiet. This type of track is usually designed for minimal loads and practically does not have a depreciation system, which is very important to consider when there are problems with the joints of the user.

Electric treadmills

Electric treadmills are where the treadmill uses to be driven by an electric motor. The higher the class of the track, the more powerful the engine is installed on it. The maximum load (user weight) and the duration (intensity) of classes directly depend on the power of the electric motor.

The load when training on a treadmill depends on the speed of the belt and the angle of inclination of the running surface. Speed ​​control is available only on models equipped with electric motors. In models with magnetic loading, the user adjusts the speed with his own feet. Changing the angle of inclination of the running belt is necessary to fully simulate running over rough terrain and usually varies from 0 to 12°, and in more expensive models there is the possibility of lifting the belt to - 20 °.

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The tilt angle is changed in two ways:

-          Mechanical change by changing the position of the support rollers.

-          Electrical using a signal from a computer to an electric motor.

The ability to program electric treadmills, depending on the given program, will change the speed and angle of elevation. There are many options for programs: rehabilitation programs, maintaining tone, burning fat, aerobic, speed, etc. It may be possible to write programs yourself Click here .

The dimensions of the running belt are an important indicator. The larger (longer and wider) the canvas, the more convenient it will be. All electric tracks are equipped with a special safety system for safety reasons. A safety key must be on every home or professional treadmill. One end of the cord is securely attached to the belt of the runner, and the other on the key. In the event of a fall, the track is immediately turned off. Folding track models are convenient for storage in small rooms.

It must be remembered that the main parameter of the durability of the treadmill is the maximum weight of the practitioner which is proportionally related to the engine power.

Treadmill Prices

The prices of treadmills directly correspond to their quality - the higher the price, the better the design and quality of the materials used. The choice of a treadmill primarily depends on whether you want to use it for walking or running. Do not forget about your loved ones who also want to use it. Take into account the weight and possible joint problems of all future users. For those who are obese or have problems with joints, paths with a soft surface that give the least return are recommended to protect the joints and spine.